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Control everything via the keyboard,
perfect for power users
Jump between notes instantly using
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simplified search refined fit & finish customisable
Search anywhere with one field,
and without annoying pop-up panels
A minimal design that looks great
and works even better
Open up the preferences and
tweak Scribblet to fit your workflow
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Requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion
"Very useful, easy to use, and simply there when you need it. One of my favourite apps."
Herman Jordaan
"Add to this the fact that the author is polite and responsive to feedback, and you're on to a winner."
John Espirian
"It really is the best executed app of its kind out there."
Philip Golabuk
"I love Scribblet and use it daily... it's a fantastic application!"
Shae Leighland-Pence
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v2.20 - 15.08.2011
- Added automatic unhiding of the toolbar (if hidden) when using the keyboard shortcut to search (Command + F), as you couldn't otherwise type anything.
- Added full-screen support for users running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. If you previously chose to show Scribblet on all spaces, then you'll need to re-enable this setting in the preferences. Unfortunately, due to a limitation in Mac OS X, you'll have to choose between these two options.
- Added keyboard shortcut to return to the root folder anywhere in the application (Shift + Command + H).
- Changed the application icon.
- Changed the text on the save drop-down sheet when changing the storage folder setting in preferences, which is displayed if you have any unsaved changes. The drop-down sheet now confirms why you're being prompted to save, and I've removed the Cancel button.
- Fixed alignment of the drop-down toolbar menus, which didn't appear directly underneath but were indented to the right.
- Fixed bug that caused the application to crash when adding or deleting favourites.
- Fixed missing shortcut for the "Rename" menu item on the Action menu.
- Fixed potential bug when pasting a folder or note into a folder which already had a folder or note with the same name. Code that should have been skipped was being executed.
- Fixed rare bug that caused the application to crash when upgrading to the Mac App Store version of Scribblet.
- Improved the application's code now that Scribblet no longer supports Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
- Improved the application's help file.
- Tweaked the appearance of the Scribblet, preferences and about windows, including: improved icons and images, repositioned and updated text and controls, etc.
- Updated the 30-day trial version of Scribblet to point users to the Mac App Store if they decide to buy, as the application is no longer available for purchase through the Not Salad website. I've also removed the licensing and update code.
v2.10 - 22.01.2011
- Added the ability to paste folders and notes into empty folders without using a shortcut (previously, the right-click menu only appeared when you right-clicked on a row in the navigation view).
- Added the ability to right-click the menu bar icon to perform the reverse action (e.g. left-click opens the menu and right-click opens the Scribblet window, or visa-versa).
- Added the escape key as a keyboard shortcut to cancel editing the name of a folder or note.
- Added two new preferences: disable automatic spell checking, and change the storage directory for your folders and notes. As an aside, files and folders marked as hidden on your Mac will be hidden (for the most part) in Scribblet as well.
- Added keyboard shortcuts (Command + [1-9]) for the first 9 favourites, which is maintained automatically.
- Changed scrolling of the navigation view - scrolling is now done by row, instead of by incremental amounts.
- Changed when the last viewed folder or note is saved - previously, the last viewed folder or note was only saved when the application closes, but it proved a little more reliable to save this information when the Scribblet window closes each time as well. Also, if the last viewed folder or note is no longer available, then Scribblet re-opens the default storage folder.
- Changed when the previously open folder or note is refreshed when reopening the Scribblet window - previously, folders and notes weren't reloaded from the disk when reopening the window, but this wasn't good behaviour.
- Combined "Menu bar icon opens: Scribblet window, but closes if active" and "Shortcut: closes window if active" preferences, which is now known as "Scribblet window: hides if reopened while active" and applies to both the global shortcut and menu bar icon, and now the application's dock icon (dock mode only).
- Fixed an intermittent bug where renaming a folder (and possibly a note) to the name of a folder that already exists didn't consistently display a message to alert the user and remove the text entry field on screen.
- Fixed bug where entering a blank name for a folder or note would cause the text entry field to remain on screen indefinitely. If a blank name is now entered, it reverts back to the previous name.
- Fixed bug where favourites with periods in their name wouldn't open (and then wouldn't automatically delete).
- Fixed bug where the correct row in the navigation view wasn't re-selected when navigating back to a folder (e.g. open a note called "Music", and navigating backwards would re-select a folder that shared the same name).
- Fixed minor cosmetic bug, where the height of each navigation view row wasn't always identical.
- Fixed "Print" menu item not working when right-clicking on a note in the navigation view. It now opens the selected note, and displays the print drop-down sheet.
- Fixed the default global shortcut - previously, if all of the modifier checkboxes were deselected, and no key was pressed, then the application would default back to Command + §. However, the § character wasn't displayed in the preferences window until the application was restarted, and it wouldn't re-select the Command modifier checkbox at all. Also, I've disabled the right-click menu on the shortcut key text box, as it allowed you to type in text normally.
- Improved enabling and disabling of certain menu items (e.g. "Show in Finder" menu item is disabled when there is no selection, "Print" menu item is disabled when opening the application in an empty folder, etc).
- Improved the behaviour of the breadcrumb trail, including: a left or right click on a non-link doesn't steal focus, right-clicks no longer pop up an irrelevant menu, and hovering over links doesn't display a small, blank tooltip.
- Overhauled the application's code, which should result in improved error handling, memory management and performance, as well as compile times, copy protection and long-term Mac OS X compatibility, etc.
- Renamed "Quit and Export Notes" button on the Trial Expired message window to "Show notes in Finder". The "Buy License" button once again quits the application, too.
- Tweaked the appearance of the Scribblet window, including: a new Action menu icon, adjusted button and font sizes for better symmetry, improved breadcrumb trail readability (e.g. use of colours, shadow and underline), polished navigation view (e.g. choice of colours, replaced circle shapes alongside folders with arrows, updated icons, etc).
- Tweaked the appearance of the menu bar icon - it is now bolder and easier to see, and should better fit in with the style of other icons. Also, I've added visible shortcuts on the menulet menu for the "Preferences" and "Quit Scribblet" menu items, "Quit Scribblet" on the Action menu, and "Rename" on the right-click menu on the navigation menu (they were all previously available, but not displayed).
- Tweaked the appearance of the preferences and about windows, including: a wider and narrower window size respectively, adjusted button and font sizes, faster resizing animations, repositioned text and controls, etc.
v2.01 - 05.09.2010
- Added automatic re-focusing of last active application/window when Scribblet is closed.
- Added a "Buy License" menu item to the application's main menu (dock mode only) when application is unregistered.
- Changed action for "Print" menu item on the application's main menu (dock mode only) to display a drop-down sheet instead of a modal window.
- Fixed certain keyboard shortcuts that were working when they shouldn't have been, causing unintended behaviour.
- Fixed "Don't Save" choice being ignored, which occurred when the "hides when inactive" setting was enabled. The discarded changes were still visible when the Scribblet window was re-opened, although they weren't saved to the disk.
- Fixed the "Buy License" menu item not being hidden on the drop-down Action menu when registered.
- Fixed "restore last view" startup crash, which would occur when the setting was enabled but the required path data hadn't been saved for some reason. Also, the path data didn't always reliably save when navigating backwards.
- Fixed "Show in Finder" bug, where the correct note or folder wasn't always selected.
- Fixed slow saving of preferences by switching from AppleScript to the appropriate Leopard API for adding Login Items.
- Improved the reliability of creating empty folders and notes on the disk.
- Renamed "Bookmarks" toolbar icon to "Favourites" to match the terminology used throughout the application.
- Renamed "Close" button on the Trial Expired message window to "Quit and Export Notes", which now opens up a Finder window showing the user where their notes are saved. The "Buy License" button no longer quits the application, either.
- Tweaked the appearance of the application, including: replacing the background image for the breadcrumb trail, increasing the height of the breadcrumb trail and rows, etc. Position and size of the Scribblet window will be reset.
v2.00 - 04.02.2010
- Added a search field to the toolbar, which can search the current open folder or note.
- Added access to more options on the right-click menu in the note screen, which would normally be available to applications that run in the Dock.
- Added breadcrumb trail, which allows users to quickly jump back to any folder in the current open path.
- Added copy, cut and paste support for notes and folders in the navigation view.
- Added favourites menu, which is accessible from both the toolbar and the menulet icon.
- Added indicator to the Scribblet window's close button when there are unsaved changes.
- Added keyboard shortcuts for all common tasks, including: opening, closing, adding, renaming, deleting and searching folders and notes. You can basically open, operate and close Scribblet without using the mouse.
- Added new preferences, including the ability to: restore the last opened folder or note at startup, set multiple modifier keys, and swap the Paste and Paste and Match Style shortcuts.
- Added support for folders and sub-folders.
- Added support for setting a function key, without a modifier key, as the global keyboard shortcut.
- Added support for slashes in folder and note names.
- Changed "hides when inactive" setting, which is now only triggered when the user switches to a different application, and not another window within Scribblet (e.g. preferences).
- Changed the behaviour of the zoom button, which now cycles between the default window size and a custom size.
- Fixed "always on top" setting, which caused the Scribblet window to disappear during Expose, as well as prevent it from moving between spaces correctly.
- Fixed colour and font panels appearing behind the Scribblet window when "always on top" is enabled.
- Fixed saving bug, which would prevent a note from being saved if the preferences window was open and active.
- Fixed the undo manager, which would work between multiple notes and make incorrect changes.
- Improved application behaviour when running in the Dock, including: adding access to some features from the main menu, hiding the menu bar icon, opening the Scribblet window from the dock icon, etc.
- Overhauled the application's entire look and feel. The overall appearance matches that of other recent Mac applications, and should be a better fit for both casual and power users.
- Updated the application's help file with a new look and new content.